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James Kassel & Associates is a group practice staffed by Christian Psychologists, Pastoral Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapist and Professional Counselors. Their staff has expertise in many areas including abuse, trauma, academic issues, depression, anxiety, marital issues and eating disorders. As the name of the practice suggests, it was founded by James Kassel. He is a licensed psychologist whose clinical expertise includes over 30 years of experience working with individuals, couples and clergy. He has a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Spalding University.

The objective

Although James Kassel & Associates has been operating for 30 years, they never had a website to call their own. James came to us here at GOAT502MEDIA to change that. He was wasn't looking for anything fancy; above all else he just wanted a site that was warm and welcoming, using nuetral tones to convey a calm and peaceful feeling to prospective clients. James only wanted a few pages - home, about, services, meet the team and contact.

It was also very important to have many "call to action" sections throughout the site. In this case, the call to action was a contact form that encouraging users to fill out in order to schedule an appointment or gather further information on the practice.

Color palette

Ming Blue
Mellow Apricot
Turquoise Green
Yankees Blue

Logo design


H1 - Lora

H2 - Lora

H3 - Lora

H4 - Lora

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Design Styles

Because James Kassel & Associates never had a website, that also means they never had a logo or color scheme. But no matter, GOAT502MEDIA was up for the challenge. We chose pleasant, muted colors that envoke feelings of peace and serenity. For the font, we landed on the combination of "Lora" and "Raleway". Lora is a serif font that is used for the headings while Raleyway is a sans-serif font that is used for the body text. Using a serif font for the headings invokes a feeling or professionality and expertise.

As for the logo, James had a few ideas that all centered around plants or leaves. The idea for the logo was elegant simplicity. In the end, we landed on the logo seen above that features two leaves, the practice name as well as their tagline. We created one version in Ming Blue as well as an alternate White version for use in the footer section. We also used the two leaf design as the site icon that appears in the tab on the browser.
It was a pleasure to work with GOAT502MEDIA for my therapist office's website. The site is warm and welcoming to potential clients and includes everything I was looking for.
James Kassel

The outcome

After a few weeks of work, we were able to deliver on everything James wanted and more! After completing the agreed upon pages, we also included an FAQ page and broke each service they offer onto their own pages. Having many pages with good, solid content and strong links is great for SEO purposes. The site is fast, reliable and secure with tons of relevant content for current or potential clients to check out.

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