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Middletown Transmission & Auto Repair is an auto service shop that has been serving the Louisville area for over 35 years. From transmission repair to brakes to general maintenance – they have the skills and knowledge to fix any vehicle. We here at GOAT502MEDIA were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such a storied company in the community. In just a couple months time we were able to drastically overhaul their website.

The objective

The goal on this project was to completely revamp their website to make it look more professional, include more information and add additional functionalities. 

They wanted to separate out each service they offer onto their own page, add multiple other pages, like: Reviews, About Us and Careers, create a reliable contact form and add many "call to action" buttons throughout the site that leads users to schedule an appointment. Another large task was to implement SEO best practices to help with search rankings. This included writing compelling title tags and meta descriptions as well as optimizing images and page speed.

It was also of vital importance to keep their current site live while the new one was being developed.



What they had to say

Working with GOAT502MEDIA was a breeze. From our first conversation to eventually taking the site live, everything was straightforward and simple.

Hanna Whited

The outcome

The first thing we did was separate out each service onto their own page and add a lot more information about each one. Previously, their services were all on one page and only had bare descriptions of each. Adding more keywords and information will greatly help SEO rankings.

After a lot of work, we were able to deliver on their needs and they were thrilled with the outcome. Besides the goals they laid out - we implemented SEO best practices, enhanced the mobile experience and were able to maintain the previous website uptime while the new one was being developed.

If you are a small business in need of a website, reach out to us here at GOAT502MEDIA today!

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